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An open letter to Harbhajan Singh

You have left me shocked and rather traumatized. Shocked when I saw a story that read ‘Pranaam Shaheeda Nu’ and was traumatized when I saw you posted it. Not because I am a fan, but because I thought you were an Indian. To put it in simpler terms, anyone who supports terrorists like Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and malicious organizations like Sikhs for Justice is a terrorist too.


You have represented India on an international level innumerable times and even won the World cup with the likes of Sachin Tendulkar. The difference is that you wore India on your jersey while Sachin wore it in his heart. This country has given you everything. Be it love, respect, or fame. You are within your rights to support your community in the way you deem fit, but should you support a man who is a separatist, just because of the turban connect? If you are a Sikh who will fight for India and not against India, then how can you support a man who wanted to break India? A man who killed every Sikh and Hindu who spoke in favour of India? A dreaded terrorist who is supported by people like Ravi Singh and Mo Dhaliwal?


Before you say that you have asked for a heartfelt apology, I would like to say that your word, at least now, means nothing. All the respect that I as a proud Indian had for you, has simply disappeared. A hasty WhatsApp forward does not stay in your story for about half a day, so stop fooling us with that excuse. Accepting your mistake does not mean that we have to forgive you. There are millions of people who look up to you not because you are a Sikh, but as an Indian who made us proud. If you wish to throw that away (some of which you already have), no one can help you.


People used to call you Bhajji because they stood for what you believed in. You made India proud at many levels and nothing can change that, but you support a terrorist; nothing will change that too. If after all the love that you have got from your teammates and fans you support a terrorist and a murderer, then there is no difference between you and the NRIs who torch the Tiranga; no matter how many times you win the World Cup. This country did not mark you as a separatist just because of your turban connection. On the contrary, you were given all the support that you required to represent India internationally; you were showered with unconditional love and fame, but today you have proven all of us wrong. Your religious views have overshadowed your patriotism. For all the love India gave you, what did you give back: “Pranaam Shaheeda Nu?” Bhajji! We saw you as Bhajji, our own Bhajji, and not a Sardar. This is the voice of a frustrated Indian, who now realizes that his investment in you was a sham!


Your apology states that you have given your blood and sweat for this country, right? What is the point of that if at the end of the day you call terrorist Bhindranwale a ‘Shaheed’? This pathetic Anti-Indian stunt that you have pulled is what traitors do. This shows that the day you get a chance, you will join a mob that chants ‘Khalistan Zindabad’. Have you forgotten about the people he killed just because they did not support the idea of Khalistan?


He literally turned a holy shrine into a terrorist base camp. He turned your place of worship into a terrorist camp, emptied it of its religious sanctity, put your faith to irreparable loss, and you can’t have enough of eulogizing him, in the name of the same faith? The beauty of India lies in its diversity. If all religions were to pick up arms and advocate a separatist movement, India would cease to exist. A true nationalist will never advocate such an ideology. Thank you for letting us know your views on nationalism. A real Sikh will never support this sickening ideology of Khalistan. The real Sikhs love India and India loves them back. The real Sikhs do not support a man who wanted to break India. The real Sikhs are the opposite of you. Thank you for removing your mask and showing us your real face. Just remember that for every Bhindranwale, there will be an iconic Indira Gandhi.

Vishnoo Jotshi

Journalist, Goa Chronicle Vishnoo Jotshi is a well rounded personality with a cheerful disposition. He is very committed to making a mark in a field of Journalism and gives credence to self motivation. His effective communication skills, integrity and ethical approach to subjects, gives him an edge over others. A nationalist at heart, he aspires to address and weed out evils from the society, through is profound articles.

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