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An Open Letter to India’s PM – Mr Modi ‘This too is a side of India’

It is always inspiring to here you speak. You lead the people of India to believe that you are a leader who will change the country and take it towards progress.

However, will the progress be at grass-root level on issues, such as the rampant sexual violence on children, women and men; or cosmetic changes such as erecting tall statues in memory of our deceased leaders.


The truth, Mr Prime Minister, is out there. Thousands of young Indians are victims of various forms of sexual violence, some reported and many go unheard.

Thousands of poor girls and boys from poorer states of the country are trafficked across India and internationally as well, to satisfy the carnal pleasure of a degenerating society.

Every day somewhere in India, a young Indian is made a victim of sexual violence – it might be a child, a woman or a man.

Sometimes I wonder the reasons behind sexual violence and while one might dwell on various aspects of the socio-economic and mental theories of the reasons behind acts of sexual violence; the truth is that in our country it is become a normal routine for a girl to get groped on a bus, a child to be sexually abused by relatives, young boys to be raped in hostels and for women to be gang-raped. This is only because we do not have a stringent enforcement of our laws and people do not trust those in authority to ensure justice is delivered.

Those committing these crimes of sexual violence are aware of the loopholes in our system. Therefore they circumvent it.

There is no fear for such sexual perverts and that fear will only come if we take stern and decisive action as a community, state and nation.

Please read below an interview of one such victim, a story which GoaChronicle team had covered chronicling the shocking tale of a young Assamese girl and her survival as a victim of sexual violence and human-trafficking. Those responsible for her acts are still out there in the open, scot free.

Like this girl, there are many such stories of young Indians and many such victims still living the life of a sex-slave and victims of sexual violence. narrates a shocking tale of a twenty-two year old girl from Assam who was sold for Rs 50,000 to a prostitution ring in Mumbai by a friend. Her life’s journey brings her to Goa where her tales of exploitation continues; from sexually gratifying five-men at a South Goa resort to being shown to officers of a South Goa Police Station by her pimps to avoid being arrested as prostitute in the future, her slavery continues. The story highlights the dark underbellies of Goa…

In order to justice to the GC Expose, we have done it in an interview format to explain the ordeal more in detail. In the interview the girl would be referred to as “Assam Girl” (AG).

GC: You seem to come from a good family in Assam, so what led you into this profession?

AG: In Assam during 2011, I was continuously raped by a friend of my brother for several months, after the first time I was threatened with dire consequences; I did not have the courage to tell my family because we were well respected in our locality. Through the sexual exploitation, I got pregnant and when it started showing around six-months; my brother’s friend Rahul told me we should go to Mumbai to do the abortion to hide from the shame of my family and relatives knowing.

GC: So you were brought to Mumbai to have an abortion, what happened after the abortion act?

AG: I was left in the hospital and Rahul the man I came with was nowhere near my side when I came to my senses after the operations. When I awoke, I found an unknown woman by my bedside. She told me her name was Pooja and that Rahul sold me to her for Rs 50,000. I looked for my mobile phone and my valuables but they were missing. I suppose Rahul took my belongings, so as to prevent me from calling my family in Assam.

GC: So you were sold to a woman named Pooja for Rs 50,000? Was this lady a prostitute or ran a prostitution racket?

AG: This woman, Pooja, took care of me in the hospital for some days; after which she took me to her chawl in Andheri (E).Pooja and her claimed husband Imran ran a sex racket. Pooja had some men who would come to her chawl for sexual acts. Pooja had a friend called Rajiv who explained to me about the problems I would face if I went back to Assam, he told me about shame and that in the end, I would have to end up being a prostitute. I tried to tell them about my life and family; I was also in a lot of pain due to the operation. Because Pooja and Rajiv did not want anymore complications in their prostitution business they sold me to a girl named Sanjana Yadav who ran a bigger business from her house in Poonam Nagar in Kandivli in Mumbai Suburbs. She ran the prostitution business along with her friend, Driya Aote.

GC: So how long did you work with Sanjana Yadav in this prostitution business?

AG: For a week. One day a person named Salim Qadri from Mira Road had come to meet Sanjana Yadav and some discussion happened between them and I was sent with Salim Qadri who ran a prostitution business in Mira Road along with his brother Sameer Qadri both were from UP living in Mumbai. Here I had to service many different clients including police officers, one such trainee police officer named Sachin Wagre who is now a P.S.I at Kandivli Police Station, promised to help me get out of this trap and go home. But I was just another sex object to him. I even tried to speak to Sanjana Yadav many times telling her that I cannot do this business, I want to have a normal life. She tried to help me to get a job, but when she put me to a person for a job, the owner wanted me to sleep with him four-times a week. He also insisted I came to work early in the morning and we should have sex in the morning before other staff came to work, I refused and went back to my work as a sex slave where at least I earned more money. I did try to get some work at a Beauty Parlor Fair Look, the owner lady was known to Sanjana Yadav. That too was short-lived.

GC: When and how did you end up in the prostitution business in Goa?

AG: Salim Qadri had some friends in Goa. He told me and another girl named Asha to go for a holiday and to stay with his friend Prakash who stayed at Taleigao along with his daughter Nisha. We learned on our arrival that Nisha was a prostitute and her father was assisting her in the business. Nisha wanted to know if we would be interested in any clients, we refused and told her we were on a holiday. Prakash then sent us to a person named Johnny (Manish Tyagi is his real name but is known a Johnny) who lived in Colva and was also known to Salim Qadri. We were put up at a guest house in Colva. Johnny had introduced us to his friends colleagues Hassan Querishi and Abhishek Ashware. We stayed for a couple of days and returned back to Mira Road.

GC: You went back to Mira Road after you left Goa, did Johnny not force you into servicing their clients?

AG: No, Johnny and his friends Hassan and Abhishek were very good to us and we thought of them as friends. We knew they were friends of Salim Qadri but that they were also in the same business was not known to us. I personally grew quite fond of Hassan Querishi, who would call me and send messages of love and hope; and how he would save me someday when he heard my story.

After some days when I returned back to Mumbai. I started receiving continuous phone calls from Johnny and Hassan Querishi, telling me to come to Goa, that he would find a nice job and help me get out the prostitution business. That I would be taken care of. But I was too afraid to take any decision. Finally, Asha and me decided to take up Johnny’s offer to come to Goa in search of better life. Salim Qadri and his brother Sameer Qadri permitted us to go to Goa. I realized much later that a deal was worked out between the Qadris and Johnny for Asha and me. But at that point of time we felt that we were finally out from this misery and we could lead a normal life.

GC: What happened when you came back to Goa?

AG: Johnny had put both Asha and me at a rented apartment in Benaulim, Goa. At first Hassan, Johnny and Abhishek were very friendly to us and caused us no harm. We were taken to see different places in Goa. During this time we were introduced to a man named Vicky – he controls the prostitution rackets in the Colva & Benaulim area. Johnny explained to both of us that it is difficult to get a job in Goa and we were already doing it in Mumbai, we should continue it in Goa, and he would ensure that we got very good clients and earned better money. Hassan too shocked me when he asked me to listen to Johnny and do as he stated in my best interest. I tried to protest but I knew that it would be futile to even try because I knew that in the end I would end-up suffering more.

When we agreed, we were introduced to some police officers from the Colva Police Station in the night at the Police Station itself. We were introduced to five different police officers. We were told that this was done so that if at all there is any raid, we would have been allowed to go scot-free and we were also told that the Police would keep an eye on us if we tried to escape from Goa. Every month on an average we were told that the police station gets anywhere between 35,000 to 50,000 and mostly it is the P.I and P.S.I who get paid.

GC: So in Goa, you were forced to do the same job like in Mumbai, that of a prostitute?

AG: For some time I tried to resist but to no avail, so yes, I did service some clients. But one day Johnny asked me to go to a resort in Colva (Pearls Oceanic), I was told that there were two men who just wanted a girl to hang around and get entry into clubs. So I agreed. When I went to the resort, I realized that there were six men and I was the only woman. I was afraid, I called Johnny and told him that I was afraid to go with these men who were all drunk. So he came to the resort. He took me to the Colva Beach at around 11.30pm and in the darkness, he beat me and forced me to go back to hotel or he would beat me even more. So I forcefully went back to the hotel room, when the men saw me, for sometime they let me sleep in one of their rooms.

GC: What happened in the room with those six men?

AG: I feel ashamed to say to what happened. I just had to accept my fate and be violated, in turn. I called one of Johnny’s nicer friend Imtiyaz and told him what happened. I told him, I wanted to go back to Mumbai or Nashik – where I had a friend from my previous job at Fair Look who looked after Nashik branch. So he sent a friend to pick me up. I told him my entire story. He felt sad for me. Put me up a hotel in Margao and booked my bus ticket for Nashik.I then went back to Assam, told my parents that I am sorry and I left because I wanted to see the world.

GC: If Goa Police were to assist you in catching the culprits of the racket, would you assist?

AG: If we were shown to police officers that we are in the prostitution business, do you think the Goa Police officers are going to listen to my story or act on my complaint? Do you know how many police officers I have come across in my room in Mira Road? Today, one who was professing love for me and would save me, is a P.S.I but he did nothing only came to sleep with me.

GC: Do you not want to save other girls like yourself from these prostitution rackets?

AG: I am telling my story with great detail to you and your team. Let’s see if anyone acts on the story. There is no point in me coming forward to highlight the issue openly because it would only create further problems for me now that I am married. But I am willing to co-operate if the government or honest police officers are willing to arrest and break this particular human-trafficking racket.

Today on Independence Day, I humbly urge you to address the issue of sexual violence and human-trafficking in the most firmest of manner and acting on this one case to bring justice to this young girl.


Jai Hind!

Savio Rodrigues

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