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An Open Letter to Ms Gandhi

Many people assume that the people of Goa will sit back and watch while corrupt politicians run riots around our land and play with the future of our children. The term ‘Sussegad’ mostly referred to the nature of the people of Goa does not in any form means ‘Chalta Hai’; it only means we are being patient and living life in the peace and tranquility that life is meant to lived in. But if that peace and tranquility is being threatened then the hidden revolutionary in us come out to save our people and our land. History will show you that – we were the first to start the revolt against the colonial Portuguese rule.

Congress over the last five-years has taken corruption to new levels in the state; many representations were made to you and the All India Congress Committee even the government at the Centre to keep the erring Congress ministers in check. Even as the editor-in-chief of GoaChronicle.com, I had sent many letters with evidence of corruption to you asking to you take corrective action against the mercenary politicians in the Congress party. However, on the advice of certain Congress leaders locally and at the national on account of their own vested interests in particular the Goa Desk-in-Charge Jagmeet Singh Brar and the General Secretary Sudhakar Reddy, you chose to reward the corrupt politicians by giving the tickets to their kit, kin and close associates without once thinking about the impact to the future of the people of Goa and its land.

Your politicians whether be it the mining scam, PWD scam, Job scam or RP scam have devoured Goa, its land, its environment and its resources but most of all they did it to continue to fill their personal coffers and I would not be surprised to fill the coffers of certain senior Congress members in Delhi; but for the people they left them high and dry. Even to get a government job, the people of Goa had to pay large sums as demanded by some of your politicians and ministers.

Many had advised me that your appeals to the Congress president will fall on deaf ears, because ‘she is the mother of corruption’ in the country. But I still chose to make numerous appeals in the interest of my people. But eventually you chose to walk the path of standing up for your politicians who function as mercenaries and thieves without even the slightest regard for the people of Goa. Even in your visits to Goa, you spoke highly about the vision that the Congress party had for Goa and how it has performed in the last five-years. I am sure the response of the people of Goa in the current elections where Congress performed miserably by getting only nine seats is an indication of what the people thought about the Congress performance in the last five years.

Star campaigners that came to Goa to campaign for the Congress candidates spoke highly about the fact that ‘family raj’ is permissible because of their winability and also wanted to replicate the ‘family raj’ strategy in other parts of India; in order to ensure that power to control stays in the hands of a few powerful political families of the Congress party. The people of India have overthrown dynasty powers many years ago and today we function in a democratic set-up.  The democratic talk given by the Congress means nothing; when within your own party you trample on democracy and opt for dynastic rule.

Your decision in doing nothing to correct the corruption in the state and further allot tickets to the families of some of the most corrupt ministers and politicians in Goa shows us that in all actuality you never had the interest of the people of Goa in mind or our land. You even chose to betray you own loyal Congressmen to side the mercenaries who were hardly loyal to the Congress party and during its tenure almost toppled the Congress-led government three times. And it is sad that many of the Congress loyalists that I spoke too felt betrayed by high command.

But nothing I suppose can be more humiliating to know that within the own Goa Pradesh Congress Committee senior office-bearers, many feel that your head of the Election Screening Committee Oscar Fernandes sold himself to the ‘family raj’ politicians and many felt he was bought by their money power. So much so that his wife Blossom Fernandes – who bears no position in AICC along with him and other Congress members released the Congress Election Manifesto. Such was the acts of disregard and pompousness of your senior leaders. Even the election fund which was sent for the candidates was handled by certain quarters consisting of national leaders and local leaders, while appointed office-bearers in-charge of this duty were not even kept in the loop.

Therefore, the people of Goa decided to take matters into their own hands.  It is not so much as a BJP voting that so the Congress loose, but people decided to vote against the Congress once and for all. And they did it with a vengeance for all the years of plight you have put us through and for taking us for granted.

Even till the last day, you appointed leaders were bragging about winning a majority and forming a government. And today those same leaders are shying away for the media and not making any comments except for your Goa Member of Parliament Shantaram Naik.

Their foolishness in not accessing the true mood of the people on the ground and seating in their cabins thinking that the money-power of the corrupt politicians will see the Congress party through has now become a public spectacle. Of course people took their money but they voted the corrupt politicians out, at least most of them.

Today, I am proud to be a Goan and an Indian because the people of Goa stood up against corruption and against some of the most corrupt ministers that sadly came from your party. And in this lies the lesson even for the BJP-MGP alliance who have won the majority is that DO NOT TAKE THE PEOPLE OF GOA FOR GRANTED.

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