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And Now an Expressway Through Goa

It appears that Goans who are currently struggling with the alignment of the proposed widening of the National Highways passing through it will have to gird up their loins for another battle royal as the Centre has sanctioned an expressway through Goa.

The six lane expressway is expected to take an entirely different route from the National Highway thereby necessitating more land acquisition which would mean dislocation of more Goans from their land.

This particular expressway is planned to be completed in two phases. The first phase being the Mangalore-Karwar-Panjim sector which is targeted to be completed by 2012 while the second phase from Panjim to Mumbai is scheduled for completion five years later.

The expressway is supposed to supplement future expansion programmes of various sectors like ports, SEZ and others.

The Centre has appointed a Hyderabad based company to study the project and the company has recommended amendment to the Land Acquisition Act in order to stick to the deadlines.

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