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And Now Racist Attack In Goa

A restaurant owner Susan Vaz has complained to the police that her fiancé Luck Oneya Cholem who hails from Africa was attacked and assaulted by some locals because of his colour, however, police dismissed the incident as a case of trouble between two people and not a racist attack.
According to Susan who runs a restaurant at Calangute quite popular for its African cuisine, a rickshaw driver banged into her fiancé car near the restaurant on 22nd January.

Instead of apologizing for the accident, the rickshaw driver called his friends and began attacking Luck, only because he was black in colour, she asserted in her complaint which further states that even her restaurant was rampaged by the group.
Susan has also complained that police personnel who arrived at the scene did nothing to stop the rampaging mob and instead wanted to arrest Luck without even ascertaining the facts of the case.
She has provided recordings of the incident captured on the closed circuit television cameras installed in her restaurant.
However, Police Spokesman Atmaram Deshpande ruled out racism as the cause of the incident and said it was merely a matter of an argument between two people involved in an accident flaring up.

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