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Animals, 10 Tonnes Meat Seized At Mollem

In a major breakthrough, Collem Police seized 9 bulls, 64 pigs and 10 tonnes of meat on Monday which was illegally being brought to the state through Mollem check post from Hubli and Bailhonga in Karnataka. However, twelve persons have been arrested and six vehicles have been detained.
Sources revealed that animal welfare activists attached to Akhil Vishwa Jai Sri Ram Gau Sanvardhan Kendra, Bharat Swabhiman Goa, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Animal Rescue Squad (ARS) immediately informed Collem Police when they came to know that these were illegally being brought to the state. The police along with the activists were then stationed at the check post.
Collem Police Inspector Informed that at about 3 am six vehicles — tata truck carrying nine bullocks, two bolero pickups carrying 64 pigs, two tata pickups carrying the meat were seized at the check post.

Six out of the twelve arrested — Muktam Daskir Sab Bepari, Salim Daskir Sab Bepari, Suresh Kallappa Torgal, Nabi Sab Mehaboob Makandar, Damodar Mallappa Kolkar and Dastgir Bade Sab Bepari were arrested under the Goa Animal Cruelty Prevention Act. Others — Mohammad Hamid Mulla, Mohan Sabappa, Pavanappa Chanappa Lamani, Madim Mullappa Charwade, Raju Karkappa Torgal and Narsappa Ramappa Karvi were arrested under Section 11D of the act.
One of the drivers Mohammad Hamid informed the police that animals and the meat was regularly being transported into the State at least twice a week from Hubli, Bailhongal and Kittur in Karnataka.

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