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Anjuna Residents Oppose Hill Top Project

Anjuna residents have taken strong objections to a project coming up on the hill in the village known as Sankvachi Aradi where they alleged that a construction project is coming up under the guise of “farmhouses”. They also alleged that Communidade land is being encroached upon for this project.

They alleged that Panorama Harvests Co-operative Farming Society Limited which claims to be formed to carry out farming activities on the hill top, is actually a real estate company that has filled up open spaces on the hill with concrete and other material and also shown non-existing roads leading to the hill to get the required permissions.
The villagers allege that nearly 2 lakh square metres of land has been taken over by the society for commercial exploitation which will destroy the ecology of the place besides denying locals the right to the land that was used in common since it belonged to the Communidade and had no tenants at least till 1993.

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