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Annadatas Rigid Over MSP- Mutation Supporting Protest

Just when the ordinary people in India started getting accustomed to annual year-end protests in the National Capital, the farmers decided to go off-season, calling onto the protestors in the middle of the year. A time when the government machinery is engaged in battling the COVID second wave and the masses are still struggling to fathom how the 2020 COVID statistics became a personal loss to many in 2021; the Sanyukta Kisan Morcha decided to launch a nation-wide protest on the 26th of May, marking the 6 months’ time period they have been onto the streets.

A lot has already been seen during this protest by few farmers who somehow became a self-declared representative of the crores of Annadatas that are the backbone of this nation. India is considered as an agri-economy. Unfortunately, more than 80% of the farmers come under the small-scale or landless category; that is, these anna-datas own less than 2 hectares of land in India. These farmers can’t even afford to give off a day to protests like these as they are daily bread earners. Are we really saying that farmers-cum-entrepreneurs that own a vast amount of resources know what a majority of about 14.5 crore farmers need? Would Balbir Singh Rajewal and Rakesh Tikait understand how agitated the current system in agriculture made those farmers who got compelled to end their lives?

This protest has also turned the fellow protesting farmers into self-certifiers. 26th May, 2021 is a date when they would mark 6 months of the self-certified “peaceful” protest, calling it a ‘Black Day’. While they have decided to reminisce the months of their “peaceful” protest, our nation which is already seeing a dark phase due to large number of COVID deaths further gets shadowed by the probable violence, a glimpse of which was slapped on our face on 26th January, 2021- our Republic Day. Can any genuine Indian forget how a religious flag was imposed onto the Red Fort on a day when only the Tiranga was meant to be celebrated? How often do we see our men in uniform, the police officials, trying to stop the tractors rolling over to crush them under their wheels? How often do they have to face violent men riding horses onto the streets of Delhi while swaying their swords in the air? Isn’t molestation of a female police officer molestation of the whole administrative system that supports this country? All this happened on a day when India became the largest republic of the world. What more injurious to our identity could exist in comparison to the mockery our Indian-ness went through that day? Should not the honorable Supreme Court of India charge the farmer leaders with contempt as they certainly didn’t stand on the written word they gave to the judiciary about having a completely peaceful tractor rally? How could these leaders be romanticized after their videos calling onto people with weapons went viral?

However, no-one could disagree with the fact that the system failed to stop what was already warned by various incidences. There were days when the protestors were seen gloating over how our former Prime Minister was shot by a terrorist, slogans wishing death of our current PM was chanted, Khalistan was repeatedly mentioned and Canadian politicians were seen enthusiastically singing in the protest camps. The whole system still let the world see how trivial peace and security is onto the streets of the Capital of our country. From then since now, a lot has been exposed about this anarchy. Rape accusation of the father of a deceased 25 year old girl at the Tikri protest camp, foreign-funding, etc. must make both the judiciary and the government realize that the citizens of India are fed-up and distressed with this seemingly never-ending protest.

India is a parliamentary democracy. The farm-union leaders, who themselves are seasoned politicians, along with the opposition must know that their demand for talks in a high-way or my-way approach, thus fixing rigid to the annulment of the 3 farm bills instead of negotiating onto each clause would actually showcase how a democratically elected government kneels down in-front of a handful of people. The government here, must stand firm along with making sure that no anarchic scene again comes up due to this protest. Also, the judiciary which has recently shown its concern over the rising COVID cases too, must step in honoring its role as the guardian of the Constitution that values the ‘Right to Life’ over the ‘Freedom to Expression’ which in this particular case has largely become a ‘Campaign to Misinformation’.

The whole country criticized the COVID mis-management during this second wave. Also, Bengal election campaigns and mass congregations were rightly taken to course. Nevertheless, if we don’t speak this time or extend our support to this aimless protest, we would be hypocritically responsible for a third wave. Large assembly of protestors has large probability of being a reason for a new kind of mutation. MSPs supporting the pricing system in agriculture benefits the farmers which ultimately benefit the nation.  However, time is showing us how rigidity over this new MSP, that is, the Mutation Supporting Protest would ultimately rush-in locking horns with the morale of this nation. The citizens and the system must come together to fight anything that comes on way of curbing the pandemic. Our actions in this time would build the accumulated history to the future. A future in which India deserves to rise with health, happiness and prosperity.

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