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Anna’s Supporters Continue Stir In Goa

Demonstrations and marches in support of Anna Hazare continued in Goa on Monday with those in Panjim springing a surprise by holding a dharna in front of Chief Minister’s official bungalow at Altinho.

Around 50 activists sat in a dharna on the road by the side of the bungalow on Monday even though the chief minister was not at the bungalow.

India Against Corruption (IAC) that is co-ordinating the movement in Goa, stated that such sit-ins will continue all over the State at strategic locations.

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat sent a message to the protestors that he will be meeting them within the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, at Margao activists once again marched through the streets of Panjim but on Monday they carried coconut shells and on Sunday the march was held with steel plates and spoons to clang against them.

At Margao large number of college students joined the marches and in fact they outnumbered the others.

In Goa besides the cities, protest marches are being held even in the interiors like at Sattari and Sanguem.

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