Annihilation of fake feminism: Fair play to humanity

“What one cannot be justified enough to describe a particular gender, be it male or female. Somehow, this gender equality conception had changed more towards the perspective of so-called weaker sections of the society. This notion had raised the misuse of feminism.

Recently, we saw how the Zomato case took a sharp turn. It is social based on whatever is shown to us. The media is so influenced by the so called “social media influencer” that they cannot understand the difference between right and wrong. This recent case clearly states the poor mentality of media that a guy is always wrong and guilty unless proven innocent.

Today we live in a generation where both men and women do have rights and equal importance in society. Decades have passed and we are still impulsive with the facts like “Women are equal to men”, “Women could do everything a man could do” and so on. It is true that earlier there were situations where women were badly deprived of their rights and disrespected. This was the reason that the concept of feminism was involved in making the needful the beholder of the rights one deserves. It should be promoted only in those fields of concern where it is required. Nowadays, the concept of fake feminism is more popular than feminism.

Being a woman is a blessing whose beauty has been consecrated with a gilded foil of contestation. Today it is taken more like an attitude to be able to do everything a man could. There had been certain perspectives regarding being a woman. The true strength of a woman is highlighted by her deeds, how she achieves success, how she takes care of the family and how she makes the country proud, not by cleaning up in a way guys do or trying to do everything a guy does, etc. In most of the cases of feminism, the focus is not on equality of rights, but it has shifted on women to be pitied at just because they are so “WOMEN”.

Talking about equality of rights, some women have taken this concept in a different way. In a rush of doing everything a man could do, the women had lost their true potential. They have taken the literal meaning too far that is not suitable to our culture as well. The right to wear anything, ride or drive a vehicle or work out late at night is still acceptable although society would keep pointing to the fact that “she is a woman”. We, from the era of the 90’s have always focused on the fact that a married woman should wear a saree and not jeans. It is we who demanded women to work in the kitchen as housewives and we did not respect them either for their unpaid work. We never focused on how a woman depicts the vibes of goddess Durga in a saree or how recommendable her work is even though it is unpaid work. Did we make the women feel that their charm is incomparable because they were actually meant to do everything that a man could not?

Since the last two years, the concept of fake feminism had seemed to be so fake itself, that it had got its path served towards merely being a meme material! From “it’s her choice” to that irrelevant Myntra logo controversy and now the Zomato case, it is always the female who is at first given the prior importance and actions are taken in favour of them. Why do we have to see an innocent behind the bars just because he is a man? In some cases, the man is proven innocent but only when he is no more! What kind of equality do we show? Is this the kind of equality we deserve?

Rights were made for women to protect them against certain crimes and the injustice done to them. It never means that one would take advantage of being a female and blame the other side. Today, even on the roads, if an accident occurs between a man and a woman, everyone starts beating and abusing the man for it. There are several cases where overthinking by women creates a huge misunderstanding but still, they have certain rights and could motivate the motion in their favour just because they are women. We must not forget that we have daughters and sisters around our country who are still craving for justice who actually deserve it. Such genuine cases must not be defamed because of certain “fake feminism” concepts.

Our generation needs to understand where to raise our voice and where not to. We still stand by the daughters and sisters of India who go through the situations of harassment and any kind of abuse. If something wrong is done to them, the focus should be genuine justice and not publicity and attention. There is no point in always promoting the motion in favour of a particular gender. Remember, if we have sisters and daughters in our houses then we also have brothers and sons in the same house who have equal rights to be proved innocent if they are. Annihilation of such fake feminism is the need of the hour.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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