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Another Hindu Life lost: Akash Mehra succumbs to injuries

After battling for his life for a span of 11 days, the twenty-two-year-old Akash Mehra lost his life on Sunday and was cremated on Monday at Jammu.

On 17th February, Islamic terrorists opened fire at Akash Mehra, the twenty-two-year-old son of Ramesh Kumar Mehra who is the owner of the renowned Krishna Dhaba, situated at Srinagar. He continued to fight death for 11 days at a stretch but on Sunday, succumbed to his injuries and another innocent Hindu life was lost.

On the fateful day of the terror attack, Akash was shot in the high- security area of Delegate from a close range. He was critically injured in the attack and was immediately taken to SMHS hospital, situated in Srinagar itself. According to police reports, the banned terror outfit ‘Muslim Janbaz Force’ which is an organization emanating out of Lashkar-e-Taiba, had claimed responsibility for the attack. The terror group issued a statement as well which said that they attacked the Hindu youth because he was an ‘outsider’ who intended to get domicile status in Kashmir.

At the helm of Muslim Janbaz Force is Chaudhary Yasin who is a resident of Handwara. He is also the vice- chairman of the United Jihad Council; the chief of Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) being the chairman. It is crucial to take note of the fact that the dastardly attack on non- Kashmiris was carried out just as a group of envoys which also had some from several European Union nations and a few organizations of Islamic Countries’ member states had visited Jammu and Kashmir to have an overview of the current circumstances in the newly created union territory.

On February 19th, the three terrorists who shot Akash were arrested by the police personnel. The police said that the terror outfit aims at terrorizing non- locals and sabotaging tourist activities.

The terrorist- trio was identified as Suhail Ahmed Mir, a resident of Dangarpora Nowgam, Owais Manzoor Sofi, resident of Dangarpora and Vilayat Aziz Mir, a resident of Hanipora Wampora Pulwama.

According to the police, a pistol which was the weapon used in the crime, grenade, a bike used by the terrorists and other material was found to be in possession of the three after they were nabbed. This was incriminating evidence against the three.

After the utterly saddening and shocking death of Akash, his body was shifted to Jammu and his last rites were performed by his kin members and an overwhelming number of locals. All the shops in the Mehra family’s locality in Janipur, Jammu remained shut in solidarity with the family of Akash which is suffering from the loss of their child.

While speaking to the media, the grieving relatives and neighbours expressed their concerns over why he was not shifted to Delhi or some other hospital outside Jammu and Kashmir for special treatment.

One of the neighbours said, “He underwent treatment for 11 days. If the administration would have shifted him outside Jammu and Kashmir, his life could have been saved.”

The bottom line is, most of us do not even know about Akash while thousands of people had attended a terrorist’s funeral. The terrorist was 22 and Akash was 22 as well. Not even a single ‘intellectual’ hailing from the left- lobby took to social media to sympathize with the innocent Akash with a bright future; while twitter witnessed a surge of sympathizers from the same cabal coming out and trying to whitewash a terrorist’s image only because he was the son of a ‘school headmaster’. Nobody highlighted Akash’s bravery for battling death for 11 long days, but a terrorist was called a ‘martyr’ when he was shot dead by the forces. None of the ‘liberals’ came out and talked of Akash and his innocence whereas the whole of the left- lobby wanted to paint a terrorist in the colours of ‘innocence’ saying that he had not led a single attack personally!

Not even a single ‘andolanjeevi’ slammed the lily- livered killing of an innocent individual but had tweeted about how the ‘extra- judicial’ killing of a terrorist was shameful!

No award was promised to be returned, no twitter storm was seen, and no roads were blocked. After all, Akash was just another ‘Hindu fascist’ and Burhan Wani, the innocent son of a school headmaster, a ‘dara hua musalmaan.’

Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle

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