Apple CEO hopes employees will be able to return to office next year

Moscow: Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed hope that the company’s employees will be able to return to their regular workplaces next year, adding that in the meantime 85-90% of staff continue to work remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The US tech giant switched to remote operations due to the spread of the coronavirus back in March.
“I think the vast majority of us cannot wait until we can be back in the office again. You know, hopefully, that occurs sometime next year. Who knows exactly what the day it may be,” Cook said on Monday at an event hosted by The Atlantic magazine.
According to the executive, about 10-15% of all the employees, including him, are currently working from office.
“But the vast majority, 85-90% of the company is still working remotely,” Cook said.
In addition, the CEO said that Apple would hardly completely abandon the online format after the coronavirus pandemic, as it turned out that “some things work really well virtually.”

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