Aquino de Braganca: Battles Waged, Lasting Dreams Released

Aquino de Braganca: Battles Waged, Lasting Dreams – a book written by Aquino de Braganca’s wife Silvia Braganca, was released by Commissioner for NRI Affairs Eduardo Faleiro on Saturday.
Aquino de Braganca, an eminent Goan, was a diplomat and advisor to the first President of Mozambique Samora Machel.
Speaking on the occasion, Faleiro said that his office will hold a conference during this year to celebrate the golden jubilee of Goa’s liberation to highlight the role of the Goan Diaspora in our freedom movement as well as in the anti-colonial struggles across the world.  

The leaders of Goa’s freedom movement were mostly based in Mumbai and many other places in India since no political activity whatsoever was permitted in Goa during the Salazar regime. Many Goans participated in the freedom struggles of colonies in Africa such as Pio de Gama Pinto and Fitz de Souza in Kenya and Aquino de Bragança, Oscar Monteiro and several others in Mozambique.  Aquino de Bragança and George Vaz represented the party of the people of Goa at the conference of Nationalist Organisations of Portuguese Colonies in Casablanca in April 1961.
After Mozambique’s independence, Aquino De Bragança became advisor to the first President of Mozambique, Samora Machel and died with him and several Mozambiqan Ministers in a plane crash 25 years ago in 1986.
Faleiro said that he had met President Samora Machel as a Special Envoy of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi a few days earlier and had discussed with him assistance from India to enable Mozambique to withstand the military and economic aggression from apartheid South Africa.  On this occasion, President Machel had introduced to him Aquino De Bragança. Faleiro noticed that the President and his Ministers held Aquino De Bragança in high esteem as a comrade, a scholar and a diplomat.
Faleiro further informed that there are about 20 thousand people of Indian origin including about 2000 Goans in Mozambique.

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