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Are BBSM Leaders Grandchildren Denationalised: Radha

Advocate Radharao Gracias, a strong votary of the freedom of choice for medium of instruction on Thursday launched a scathing attack against some of the leaders of Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch.
He pointed out that Shashikala Kakodkar’s grandchildren through her son Samir and Uday Bhembre’s grandchildren through his son Apurva are studying in English medium schools.

Referring to the BBSM’s claim that education in English medium was deculturisation and denationalization of the students, he wondered whether the grand children of these leaders were denationalized and decultured.
Taking his argument further, he said that people who could not prevent the denationalization and deculturisation of their descendants should not pontificate to people about the very issues they have not been able to practice in their households.
He also questioned Uday Bhembre’s continuance in wearing a black coat as a lawyer even though the black coat is a symbol of the colonialist regime over the country.
He also dismissed Bhembre’s decision of returning the State award as non-consequential on grounds that most often sycophancy and not merit, was the criteria for getting these awards.
Adv. Gracias said the era of Bharat and Gomantak was over and it is time for India and Goa in the new liberalized environment where the world has been reduced to a village.


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