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Are CCP Elections Valid?


Even as candidates are busy contacting their voters for the ensuing elections to the City Corporation of Panaji, the very validity of the elections has been questioned by a publication in Goa.
According to reports in the local publication, the State Election Commissioner Dr. M Modassir who signed the order for the elections, was actually on leave when the order was reportedly signed. Hence the question: Whether an officer on leave can sign an order calling for the polls?

Apparently, Dr. Modassir had proceeded on leave from 7th February to 8th February to travel to Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh. The order calling for CCP polls was signed on 14th February when Dr. Modassir could not have been in Goa.
However, Dr. Modassir clarified the position by stating that since the schedule of the polls was known in advance given the fact that elections are normally held a week before the term of the body expires, he had signed the order before proceeding on leave.
Although he has given the clarification, one wonders whether the order is really valid since as per rules, an officer while on leave, cannot sign any orders.


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