Are the Communists and the Congress is in the onset of making Bengal the next Kashmir?

Day before yesterday the CPI(M) organised a mega rally in Kolkata’s Brigrade Parade Ground, both the Congress party and the newly formed ISF (Indian Secular Front), launched by a cleric Abbasuddin Siddiqui of Furfura Sharif, were also invited in the rally. This is a significant attempt by the Red army and the Congress party just before the 2021 assembly election to regain their lost ground in the state.

Both the Left and the Congress party are going through an existential crisis in Bengal since the TMCP (Trinamool Congress Party) came to power in 2011. Since then, many of their leaders changed their boat and jumped into the ship of the leading TMCP. However, the situation turned grim after the 2019 Lok Sabha election when the BJP emerged as the 2nd strongest party in the state. Most of the clusters of voters BJP captured in 2019 election were from CPIM and INC. Being in power for 34 years, the CPIM could only attract 6.33% of vote share in the 2019 election. Congress party had only 5.67% vote share in the same election. Apparently the imminent 2021 assembly election is a struggle for existence for both the parties in Bengal.

When they lost significant ground in previous elections even after making alliance with one another, this time they are trying to sail through the election roping in the ISF of Abbas Siddiqui in the same boat hoping to regain their lost territory in Bengal. But what more interesting here is they came out of their veil of ‘secularism’ just for the sake of power. Many videos of Abbas Siddiqui were surfaced where he was clearly seen inciting people in the name of religion. But he is secular even though he wears his religion in sleeves for the left front and the Congress party, just because he named his party Indian Secular Front.

Can we imagine the left and Congress party forming an alliance with a party belong to a saffron claded man calling himself secular? We had never seen such occasion ever in our history and will never see in the future. But the Left forming alliance with lslamists is not new. In 1946 the left supported the demand of partition put forward by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and as a representative of the left brigade, Jotyi Basu in a press release declared their support to the bandh called by the Muslim league and that bandh today is known as the Great Calcutta killing. Still the left and the Congress Party who divided a country based on religion are secular, but who challenged the partition are certainly communal. This is a dangerous trend set by our academia backed by political parties in last many decades.

After the partition when majority of the rich dynasts in East Pakistan like the family of Amarta Sen, Sunil Gangopadhya smoothly left the erstwhile East Pakistan and got settled in West Bengal, the poor didn’t have the opportunity to leave an Islamic Republic with such pomp. They did not have money or assistance to leave their motherland overnight. And most affected were the Scheduled Castes and backward Hindus.

Surprisingly, the same left party which supported the partition making the same group of people citizens of an Islamic Republic overnight and killed millions of schedule casts Bengali refugees from East Pakistan in Marichjhapi Massacre during 1978, are now the champions of human rights for the same backward community in Bengal.  People never asked for accountability from these political parties.

As we say history repeats itself, who knows the left once again is not setting a bed for another partition by bringing a fringe communal group like the Muslim League to the mainstream politics. The goal that was unresolved when Syamaprasad Mookherjee did not let go the entire Bengal to the Islamists during the partition and curved a part out of the greater Bengal in 1947 to make it a part of India, is now making its way to the reality. If not partition I can clearly see another Kashmir is in the making.

The hapless condition of the Hindus of West Bengal today is that hardly Bengali Hindus know about Syamaprashad Mookherjee who saved them from becoming a part of Islamic Republic in 1947, they are also clueless about what awaits them in the coming future. It is rightly said that those who do not take lesson from the past are destined to repeat the same.

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