Are UGDP & BJP Bed-Fellows in Vasco rape case cover-up?

GoaChronicle.com brings to you documents showing how an Objection Letter from UGDP secretary general led the South Goa Collectorate to deny People Against Atrocities & Injustice (PAAI) the permission to hold a Public Meeting leading to questions on whether BJP and UGDP are working together to cover-up the Vasco rape case…

The meeting to be held on April 15th, 2013 near Vasco Municipal organized by PAAI has been denied permission from the South Goa Collectorate and Goa Police department on account of an ‘objection letter’ submitted by UGDP secretary general, Anacleto Viegas who coincidentally is the advocate representing the Head-Mistress of the Deepvihar School who has been accused of destruction of evidence. Allegations have been levied on the head-mistress that alleged rapist identified by the child in a video filmed by friends of the family is her nephew and her son Ashville Furtado has also been identified by the child as one of the boys who accompanied the rapist in school four days before the incident on January 10, 2013.

In a letter dated April 8th 2013, sent from United Goans Democratic Party (UGDP) to the Police Inspector/Officer-in-Charge, Vasco Police Station and signed by Anacleto Viegas, Secretary General, UGDP, it states,

“The investigations in the case is being monitored by the Children’s Court at Panjim, hence the proposed public meeting is an attempt at interference in investigation and the judicial process.”

It further states, “The public meeting is likely to be used for the following nefarious designs; to abuse and malign the police, the school staff, elected representatives and innocent youth; to slander and defame private individuals and lower the dignity of the institution where children are admitted for their upbringing and education; totally false allegations, innuendos, inferences are sought to be drawn against innocent persons on the basis of malicious and fabricated facts. There is a likelihood of breach of peace if the above meeting is permitted as the public is incensed with the utterances and false allegations being made.”

In a reply to a application seeking Permission for Use of Loud Speaker filed by Chandrashekhar Vast, Joint Covenor, PAAI No. PI/VSC/4337/2013, RA Shetgaonkar, Police Inspector Vasco Station rejects the application for permission. He states, “I have to submit that the application received from United Democratic Party dated 08/04/2013 that there is likelihood of breach of peace if the above meeting is permitted as the public is incensed with the utterances and false allegations. It is submitted that, if the permission is granted by your Honour, then possibility of a Law and Order cannot be ruled out.
In view of the above, it is requested that the request of the applicant for loud speakers permission on 15/04/2013 for Public Meeting may please be rejected.”

In a reply letter of the Gaurish J Shankhwalkar, Deputy Collector/SDO, Mormugao, Vasco, No. 43/23/SDM/2013/1218 states, “I am to inform you that your request for grant of permission to use Loudspeaker on 15/04/2013, outside Mormugao Municipal Council, Vasco stands rejected, in view of a report submitted by the Police Inspector, Vasco Police Station, stating that if the permission is granted than the possibility of Law and Order cannot be ruled out.”

Now it has been learnt through a shocking revelation that lends credence to the possibility of a major cover-up to the rape of the seven-year old girl inside the Deepvihar School by the Goa government and its police department, Advocate Aires Rodrigues – lawyer to the family of the Vasco rape survivor – has alleged that Goa Cabinet Minister holding the Labor & Fisheries portfolio Avertano Furtado is related to the head-mistress Sharlet Furtado who has been accused of destroying the evidence of the brutal rape.


The family relation and connection as explained by Rodrigues to GoaChronicle.com post the media briefing today is through her marriage to Agnelo Furtado – her husband – who is a cousin to Avertano Furtado.

Both Sharlet Furtado and her son Ashville Furtado under the cloud of suspension as accomplice to crime which has been alleged committed by another family relative ‘Monty M Sanchez’ – whose father is the brother to the head-mistress.

On April 14th it will be three months since the gruesome rape yet the rapist has not been nabbed. Even post the Children’s Court Order to the Crime Branch and Goa Police have not taken the head-mistress, class teacher and head-clerk into custody for interrogation. Is it because there could be a possibility of an alleged cover-up between BJP and UGDP on the rape case.


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