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Areal Gram Sabha Grills Panchayat

The Sarpanch of San Jose de Areal was grilled by the villagers over various issues at the Gram Sabha meeting held on Sunday.
The Panchayat body came in for severe criticism for issuing No Objection Certificates for setting up scrap yards, a workshop and a stone crusher on land that had no conversion sanad besides other mandatory licenses and permissions.
The villagers were particularly irked over the fact that while all permissions and licenses were sought from locals seeking to register their houses for taxation purpose with the Panchayat, others could set up establishments without adhering to the process of law.

The meeting began on a stormy note with villagers objecting to the discrepancies in the minutes and pointing out that somebody had tampered with the same as some notes were erased. It was decided to ask the Block Development Officer to investigate in the matter.
The absence of Sarpanch Liberata Travasso also came in for severe criticism with villagers demanding to know how the Sarpanch could abstain from the meeting convened by her.
Following a clarification from the owner of the land that he was not filling up his low lying land, the villagers directed the Panchayat to immediately lodge a complaint with the police and other authorities to stop the same.
As there was chaos and pandemonium at the meeting the same was adjourned and will not be held on 5th December.

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