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Areal Panchayat Forced To Postpone Inspection

Villagers of Sao Jose de Areal marched to the Panchayat office and forced the Panchayat to postpone the inspection of the mega housing project proposed by Om Sai Developers, which the villagers have been opposing for quite some time.
The housing project comprising of 180 flats and four bungalows has been opposed by the villager because of various irregularities committed by the promoters. In fact, at a gram Sabha earlier, an inspection committee was constituted.

The villagers on Friday forced the panchayat to postpone the inspection as members of the inspection committee were not informed about the inspection and the villagers accused the Sarpanch of trying to carry out the inspection clandestinely to help the promoters.
The villagers pointed out that the project was totally illegal as it is coming within the command area and hence had to get a NOC from the Command Area Development Authority, which the promoters have not got as yet.

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