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Areal Villagers Cancel Communidade Auction

Villagers of Sao Jose de Areal under the banner of Schedule Tribes Association forced the Curtorim Communidade to call off the auction of hills in the village for extraction of black metal and setting up of stone crushers.

As the auction was scheduled to be held on Sunday morning at Curtorim Communidade’s office in Curtorim, a large crowd of villagers from Sao Jose de Areal held a peaceful demonstration outside the office with placards and slogan shouting.

Much of the land in Sao Jose de Areal belongs to the Communidade of Curtorim, which in the past had leased out the hills to extract black metal. However, as there was a lot of illegal extraction of black metal and stone crushers were functioning not only without licenses but also violating the environmental safety measures laid down, some villagers moved the High Court which ordered the closure of illegal activities.

The Curtorim Communidade that earns quite a bit of revenue from the leases, decided to auction the hills afresh, however, Sao Jose de Areal villagers put their objection in writing to the communidade and also the Administrator of Communidades.

While nobody came forward to bid at the auction probably seeing the crowd, the South Goa Administrator of Communidade also asked the Curtorim Communidade managing committee to call off the auction.

Dr. Ernesto Rodrigues, Attorney of Curtorim Communidade informed the gathered crowd that the auction was called off and also gave a note to that effect.

The Curtorim Communidade is now scheduled to meet on Wednesday to decide the future course.

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