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Argentine President calls for UN Reform

Buenos Aires: Argentine President Alberto Fernandez called for a reform of the United Nations. “Before the coronavirus pandemic began, it became necessary to reform the UN Security Council. The pandemic also led to a crisis of the classic indicators that determine access to resources for development. Indicators commonly used to classify countries’ needs, such as per capita income, do not take into account inequality and different realities that exist in one country,” Fernandez said in a video message to the UN General Assembly.

Fernandez also said more than 60% of the poor lived in middle income economies.

“All of the above points to the importance of enhancing the UN’s ability to fulfil the mandate for which it was created. We need a United Nations 4.0 with pure core values ​​to take into account the enormous technological changes taking place now, make them more human, more democratic and more socially inclusive,” he said.

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