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Arnab Goswami targeted for exposing drugs & terror lobby: Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues, Editor-in-Chief of in a recent video said that Arnab Goswami is being targeted by the Maharashtra government for unmasking the drugs and terror lobby.

He said “The most amusing but also very disturbing fact is that the case that the police have closed, they have reopened it. So what they are clearly showing the people of India is that they are definitely going to get into vendetta against Republic TV.”

He further added that “Everything I said from day one that they would attack him legally, financially and mentally, and at some point of time physically is all coming true. This was a dictate that came from outside the border. The reason they are targeting Arnab is because he went after the drug lobby, and the terror lobby.”

Urging to the people of India he said “I want the people of India to understand why the Republic TV is being targeted and why what I said three weeks back is actually falling in place. The fact of the matter is that there is an attempt to muzzle Republic TV. Now what the Maharashtra Government must understand is that in a democracy you cannot muzzle the media no matter what powers may be. And Maharashtra Government will lose.”

He concluded by saying, “The mere fact that they took an old case to try and pin Arnab down personally is an indication that they are working under desperation. They are not thinking clearly. And Shivsena is the government which their patriarch Balasaheb Thackrey was a fierce voice for the people of India and the people of Maharashtra. He took on lobbies. What you are doing now Uddhav Thackrey, with all due respect is actually destroying his legacy.”

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