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Arnab is just Arnab

Arnab is many things to many people. Most love him, some hate him and a few just flow with the excitement of the moment.

But there is one thing that endears me to Arnab, as a friend, and as a colleague, is that he is a patriot. He is a patriot to his bone.

With both of us being opinionated, independent, and well-researched in our views, there are some times when we do not agree with each other and there are many times where we agree to our independent views, though we express them differently.

The one thing we both agree on whether we disagree with each other on some issues is that – India Comes First, Nation Comes First.

The attack on Arnab Goswami and Republic Media Network is planned and vicious. The sole objective is to shut down Republic Media Network and stop Arnab Goswami.

The more Arnab Goswami exposes the underbelly of Bollywood, drugs, and Dawood, the more the political links will get exposed. Eventually the more the hand of Dawood and then ISI will get exposed. And finally, more the anti-national agenda to destabilize India will get exposed.

Some media have gone on an overdrive demonizing Arnab Goswami. Their personal envy and hatred for the growth that Arnab has accomplished with Republic TV have driven them to a point of madness and irrational behavior.

In their blind jealousy, they forget that today, a piece of government machinery is hell-bent on shutting down Republic TV and Arnab Goswami, tomorrow it can turn its sights on them. It is only a matter of time.

For so long journalism since the advent of TV channels has been journalism of noise but no real voice of the people of India.

In fact, we have seen popular TV anchors become wheeler-dealers for promising portfolios and positions in the government.

We have even seen TV anchors report on critical war and terror locations, not in India’s interest but were reportedly relaying information to enemies of the nation through their reportage. Yet the nation had no choice but to accept these insults to the profession of journalism as journalists because there were no shining stars around or emerging. Imagine some of these journalists were considered to be icons of journalism.

In the vicious attack of Republic Media Network and Arnab Goswami, not one of the so-called icons of media stood in support of Arnab Goswami and the Republic Team. To them, they do not exist as journalists.

There is a new breed of journalism in the air. Entrepreneurs in the media business with strong editorial ethics because they are journalists themselves who have started their media business of news. This allows from editorial principles to overrule money play.

Republic Media Network is the brainchild of Arnab Goswami and is controlled by Arnab Goswami. Arnab does not work for any media house to be controlled by the advertising compulsion, he decides whether he needs a particular advertiser or not based on his editorial first and then his advertising policies.

The reason GoaChronicle synergize with Republic Media Network is because of this simple business principle that we are entrepreneurs of our business and journalists to the nation, we will not comprise our duty to the nation because of the benefits of a business. To Arnab and me, India First always. Our growth is depended on the belief that the people of India have in our journalism and our commitment to the nation. And we will survive and thrive because we are in the pursuit of the truth.

Arnab is a journalist. And a rare one. He is an old school journalist. He comes from a time when journalism was about integrity and passion. Not yellow! Not biased and certainly not politically controlled.

People accused him of being close to the BJP but I think some people always resort to the political divide because they have no other argument to debate on. They prefer to divide loyalties based on Anti-Modi and Pro-Modi.

I know Arnab to be Pro-India. And that’s the way it should be, Pro-India. Politicians come and go. And so do political parties but India remains.

Some people tell me that Arnab has brought shame to Indian journalism and I look at them with wonder, thinking not a soul in India knows about you, but most Indians know about Arnab Goswami. They love him and follow him.

Media is a reflection of the people because it is the people who view or read media channels. If Republic Media Network has witnessed such a tremendous growth since its inception and Arnab Goswami led his brainchild to become the most talked-about news anchor in India, then it is a reflection his kind of journalism is resonating with the people of India.

His rivals in the media business cannot understand what makes Arnab so popular with the masses. They will fail to understand that if they keep behaving like asses by targeting him, they will become the joke among the Indian masses. The classic case is of India Today, who should be actually called Joke Of The Day.

People of India connect with Arnab Goswami because they see hope in him. They see him as a media version of a Rajnikanth. A man fighting the evil forces attacking India in his own unique sometimes amusing style. He has attained a cult-like status, no other media personality has achieved in recent times.

Arnab has attained such adulation from Indians and non-Indians across the world for his persistent stand on issues of national interests; I see all the attempts to target him and defame him, falling by the wayside.

India is with Arnab. And Arnab is for India.


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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