#ArrestBishopFranco: Nuns stand firm in their fight for justice even after transfer orders

Kochi: If the Missionaries of Jesus congregation hopes to intimidate the four nuns in their relentless pursuit of justice for the 44-year old nun who accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal of raping her 13-times in two years, then the Church body is in for a real surprise because GoaChronicle has learned from a conversation with one of the nuns that they will not be bullied and will not leave the victim nun alone.

It is no surprise that Missionaries of Jesus congregation is working under the watchful guidance of the accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who has been unofficially getting shielded by the powerful institution of the Catholic Church.

In the recent past senior members of the Missionaries of Jesus have questioned the character of the nun and even likened the accused rapist to Jesus Christ for the suffering he has been made to undergo due to these reportedly false and mala-fide accusations.

Some senior leaders of the Catholic Church have even tried to spin a story of a conspiracy being hatched by people with vested interests whose aim is to malign the holy image of the Catholic Church through the lies of the nuns.

When asked if the nuns are frightened by the new transfer orders and whether they would accept it, Sister Anupama speaking with GoaChronicle.com stated that these order are with an intent to divide the unity of the nuns supporting the rape victim and to isolate the rape victim. “We will not accept these transfer orders. We will not leave our Sister alone. We are fighting for justice and we will stand with her till she gets justice. They want to weaken her resolve to fight for justice, that’s why some people in the Church who support Bishop Franco Mulakkal are trying to mentally harass her and us, so that we give up this fight. We are fighting for the truth, we are fighting for justice. We will not be intimidated.”

Bishop Franco Mulakkal is the first Bishop from India to be arrested on accusations of rape. He is currently on bail.

The police is expected to file a chargesheet on the case soon.

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