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#ArrestBishopFranco: Victim Nun approached Church first but no one heard her cries

In her fight for justice against the vile act of rape by Bishop Franco Mulakkal of the Archdiocese of Jalandhar the victim nun turned to the Catholic Church of India but representatives of the institution failed to listen to her cries and provided no relief.

Her statement in the Letter to Vatican completely exposes the lies of the Catholic Church of India who through the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India (CBCI), general secretary, Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas told the media that the Catholic Church cannot act on this matter as the nun chose to go to the police authorities rather than raise with the Church authorities. Let the police probe and make public its findings we will act against the Bishop.

In her letter to the Vatican, the raped nun, clearly details her ordeal on seeking justice within the Church before approaching the Kerala Police but was left disappointed and without any relief.

Her first two pages of her letter describes her interaction with the Church:




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