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Asilo Staff Unhappy With Transfers


The around 450 staff of Asilo hospital at Mapusa has refused to sign the “willingness” declaration issued by the government on grounds that they have not been given all the information to make a considered choice.

In view of the government’s undertaking that the new Asilo hospital will start functioning by 15th August, the Directorate of Health Services on 7th June issued a circular to the Asilo staff asking them to give their consent to join the new company that will be running the hospital.


The staff was asked to give their “willingness” letter by 11th June stating that they were willing to join Radiant Life Care Pvt. Ltd., the new company that will manage Asilo hospital under the government’s Private Public Participation model.

However, the staff has not signed the letters fearing security of their jobs and pointed out that when Goa Tourism Development Corporation’s hotels were handed over to private parties, most of the staff was laid off within six months.

Besides, the staff being government servants have also raised issues like transfers and salaries.

Health Minister Vishwajit Rane after hearing the doctors has directed Directorate of Health Service to issue in writing the clarification sought by them.

He also expressed confidence that the government will sign the agreement with Radiant Life Care Pvt. Ltd., within a week handing over the new premises of Asilo hospital to them.

Reacting to the staff’s refusal to sign the “willingness” letter, he said all their concerns have been addressed and disclosed that the staff will continue to be government servants on deputation to the new management.

However, he said, those willing to return to government service will be permitted to do so after a period of two years.


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