Ask Yourself, “Are you really Independent”? – By Scarlett Rose

A lot of people asked me, “Why didn’t you wish everyone “Happy Independence Day” and some asked me, Why didn’t you Put up a status or post or picture saying “Happy Independence Day”?!?!

I will share with you Why..

For example, When it is someone’s Birthday, we wish them because it is their birthday, it is the day that they were born, thus “Happy Birthday”!

Now, why I didn’t wish everyone “Happy Independence Day”..

1: Are We Really Independent?
If No, That’s why i didn’t put up a public status!
If Yes! Congratulations! But Are You sure?

2: If we are independent : We are living in India, a Democratic Country, but do we have the freedom to say & do what we want?
If we say what we feel & its not what society accepts, everybody will look down upon you!
& If we do something what we want, we get looked down upon even more!
Let alone doing what we want!

A Small example:
*Can we Indian Girls even wear what we want & walk around Independently?
We are always judged, “Short Skirts are bad! Strapy Dress is Cheap! A BIKINI IS AGAINST INDIA’S CULTURE” (I have no clue which Culture book says that though)

& Then Girls who wear what they want are looked at by Public with bigger eyes & blamed for the Reason of RAPE!

*Can Indian Boys wear clothes of their choice or a Funky hairstyle?
“Beta, Yeah Sab Kyun, Baal mein tel dalo aur acha sey kangi karo!”

*Can a Hindu Boy marry a Muslim Girl? Forget Different Religions, Different Regions & Cast also are Not Allowed! Can a Punjabi Boy Marry a Gujarati Girl! No, Why? Aren’t we all Humans? Does Love need a particular Religion? Cast? Creed? Colour?

*Can a Dusky Indian Girl still be accepted by our Society? By in-laws? By her Groom?
Or is it that “Only Fair is “Beautiful” ?

*Why can’t a Indian Boy/ Girl decide what he/she wants to become in Life? Why cant he/she be allowed to be independent?? Why are parents still forcing their kids to become Doctors & Engineers & forcing them to pursue what they couldn’t. (Soon, India will have more more Doctors than Patients & more Engineers than Jobs)

& The List Goes On…….

******* My thoughts do not imply that I am against my Country. I Never was, & Never Will be! I Love My Country and I am Proud to be an Indian! And I am well aware of the soldiers & freedom fighters who fought for us, & I Respect them.

So is India really Independent?
Forget India.. ARE YOU INDEPENDENT!???????

If No: Its never too late! Fight for your right! Stand up for yourself! Say what you feel like & Do whatever you feel like (As long as it is within the legal norms & you are not harming anybody’s sentiments) Be Independent!

If Yes, Congratulations! & “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY”!

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