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Assad Ridicules Trump’s nomination for Nobel Prize, says did not know about it

Damascus: Syrian President Bashar Assad expressed surprise in an interview over the nomination of US President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, doubting that any grounds exist for giving the prestigious award to his US counterpart.

“He’s nominated?” Assad exclaimed, when asked by the interviewer what he thought of Trump’s Peace Prize nomination after he failed to implement his pledge to withdraw US troops from Syria.

“I didn’t know about this. If you want to talk about nomination for peace, peace is not only about withdrawing your troops. It is a step — it is a good step and it is a necessary step — but peace is about your policy and it is about your behaviour. It means to stop occupying land, to stop toppling governments just because they are not with you, to stop creating chaos in different areas of the world. Peace is to follow the international law and to support the United Nations Charter. This is peace, this is when you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize,” Assad continued.

The Syrian president then brought up the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to then-US president Barack Obama, who Assad said “had just been elected [at that point] and had not done anything,” except for “moving from his house to the White House.”

“They would give it to Trump for something similar. I don’t know what is it, but definitely not peace,” the Syrian president added.

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