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Association of Concerned Catholics extends support to 37 priests in fight against Bishop of Mysore

Mysore: The Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC) has extended its support to the 37 priests from various parishes in Mysore who have written a complaint letter to the head of the Catholic Church – Pope Francis – levelling serious charges on the current Bishop of Mysore – Bishop K.A. William of marriage, parenthood, sexual liaisons and corruption.

“The 37 priests of Mysore came to us with their case and we found merit in their fight against Bishop K.A. William. It is imperative on us Christians to stand-up against the wrongdoing of Church leaders who act contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church or their vocation. We look forward to more Catholics across India to come out in support of the 37 priests who will be victimised by the some senior clergy leaders of the Church to take back their complaint through coercion or force,” expressed General Secretary, Melwyn Fernandes.

The letter to Pope Francis which is possession of accuses Bishop William of being married to a woman who is working as a staff in ODP, Mysore. The priests also allege that the married woman was previously married and had a daughter with her first husband, the second child, who is a boy, is borne out of the martial relationship with Bishop William. The woman’s husband has left her because of the illicit affair with the Bishop. The woman now lives with her children and the Bishop is alleged to meet with her frequently and also looks after her family.

In their letter the priests further elaborate on the numerous cases of sexual exploitation and corruption against Bishop William during his career in clergy:

In the Hinkal Parish, priests alleged that Bishop William when he was a priest there had a sexual relationship with an Anglo-Indian woman. He made the woman pregnant. She bore him a child. The lady and child had been shifted abroad.

In an incident described in the the letter, the priests allege that workers at Bishop House caught Bishop William in bed with a woman clerk-accountant in a room at the Bishop House.

“It is naked truth that the ladies who were working under him and cooperated sexually to him, have been given luxuries of the life by providing all amenities including multi-storied-buildings and job opportunities in the diocesan institutions,” the priests expressed in their letter.

The priests further revealed that Bishop William did not even spare the servant women and girls who cleaned the campus and narrate two cases involving the sexual liaisons of the senior clergy leader from Mysore.

Furthermore the priests also threw some light on the criminal cases against the Bishop under various Sections of Indian 406, 420, 504, 506, 323

The expose of Bishop William by the priests in the letter to the Pope also highlights the illegal church land dealings of Bishop William for kickbacks. These properties are currently under litigation.

In fact a case was registered by a man named Alex who was fatally beaten up by Bishop K. A. William when he was parish priest. After becoming bishop, William paid huge sum of money to Alex and the case was dismissed in November 2018, some local newspapers reported this matter.

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