Astutrix’s Robotic Selling & Engagement – Enabling Small and Medium Brands thrive Online

Gurgaon based Astutrix Technologies, that owns and runs India’s first Market Network for Data Sciences – Cogniticx (, has launched its new service Robotic Selling & Engagement (RSE). Targeted at helping small and medium businesses build engagement and increase their sales, RSE leverages similar technologies that ecommerce big wigs have used to build their fortunes.

Promod Sharma, Co-founder Astutrix

Astutrix, awarded the most promising Data Science start-up for two years in a row, has innovated a simple and cost-effective way to deploy a novel technology to help scores of small businesses that are in dire need of support.

“RSE is our attempt at providing a level playing field for small and medium brands that have seen their sales dwindle in the wake of the Pandemic and have been compelled to make a transition from brick and mortar to online, in order to survive,” says Promod Sharma, Co-founder Astutrix.

Online businesses have a completely different DNA and most offline brands struggle at driving up engagement and increasing sales at their online stores, something that digital native ecommerce players are especially good at. These large players make crores of investments each year to effectively leverage Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to shore up their sales.

RSE is a great cost-effective way that brands; small and medium, offline and online, alike could leverage similar Artificial Intelligence and Robotics technologies to their advantage. “A service that can be subscribed to at a minimal monthly service fee, RSE is an effort by Astutrix to make the benefits of technology more inclusive, something that India needs imminently in order to stem the decline in the economy,” says Sharma.

A case in point is the appliances manufacturer and retailer Sunflame, who have recently started using the Robotic Selling & Engagement service. “Though these are early days for us as a user of RSE, we have seen a tremendous promise with sales going up by 400% within the first month of deployment. A drastically improved user experience that results in a better quality of engagement for our online customers is an added bonus,” opines Gaurav Bhutani, Head of Marketing, Sunflame.

Chetna Bagga, Fashion Designer and Founder of the eponymous fusion wear label ‘Chetna Bagga’ says, “The user engagement and average time spent at my e-studio ( has gone up by 60% in the first few weeks of use, something that is extremely crucial as higher engagement eventually leads to higher sales. Users are auto-recommended styles based on their preferences and this personalization of the UX is really helping us delight our customers.”

Targeted at small and medium brands across industries, RSE could be deployed both by businesses looking to sell or disseminate information about their products online. Scores of small companies across fashion, travel, appliances, home dcor & improvement, retail, consumer goods, durables etc. are plagued by unimpressive online sales, something that is imperative to get right as the offline sales have come to a standstill, owing to the Pandemic.

It is common knowledge that brands spend a lot of money to increase their web-traffic. However, engagement and conversion is a key piece that is often left to chance by most. “RSE is a wonderful way to generate an ROI on social media and digital marketing investments that brands make, in order to generate web traffic at their online stores. In absence of a healthy user engagement all that investment in traffic goes waste and that is the aberration that we have created RSE to correct. It is our endeavour to be able to make a difference to thousands of small brands and we have set forth in earnest on our journey to realise that vision,” elaborates Promod Sharma.

Co-founded by IT industry veteran Promod Sharma, Astutrix Technologies Pvt Ltd., headquartered at Cyber City Gurugram, is a digital native that has many firsts to its credit in the AI and Digital space. A pioneer, it has already given the country its first Data Science Market Network, Cogniticx for which it has been awarded as the Most Promising Data Science Start-up for 2019 and 2020. As with Cogniticx, that has created an entire Data Science eco-system to create rewarding work opportunities for India’s talent, the attempt with RSE is also inclusive growth by helping generate additional online sales opportunities for thousands of small and medium brands.

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