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Atala Fled India Fearing Life: Sister

Yaniv Benaim alias Atala the Israeli national who was allegedly dealing with drugs in Goa and who jumped bail to disappear from Goa, did so because he feared for his life in India, said his sister according to reports in national media.
It may be recalled that Atala became the centre of a raging controversy after it was revealed that he used to be provided with narcotics by the police themselves and this police drug dealers nexus scam resulted in seven police personnel including one Police Sub Inspector being suspended.
However, the allegations of Atala being very close to Goa’s Home Minister Ravi Naik’s son Roy Naik created a stink for the government with a very strong demand for asking the CBI to probe the matter.

Atala who was arrested by the police was released by the NDPS court on bail when he managed to escape from India and was reported to be seen in Rishon Letzion, Israel. The media report in fact showed Atala casually strolling down the streets of Rishon Letzion.
His sister said that there is no problem for Atala to live in Israel and claimed to have checked this with the local authorities. However, she admitted that if Atala was to leave Israel then there would be a problem for him.


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