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Atala Hiding in Israel

Yaniv Benaim alias Atala who is wanted by the police in Goa has been spotted iin the third largest town of Israel Rishon Lezion according to an Israeli news portal that flashed the news under the title ‘Goa drug king hides in Rishon Letzion’.
It may be recalled that Atala who has been living in Goa for quite some time now, is alleged to be the kingpin of the drug mafia in the State and was arrested by the police only after his jilted girlfriend Lucky Farmhouse posted a clip of Atala bragging about his connections with the police to carry on his trade.
Aftermath of that was that seven police personnel from Goa were placed under suspension as it was discovered that they were involved in supplying Atala drugs from the police custody to be sold in the open market.

Atala was released on bail by the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances court in June this year and he apparently disappeared from the state within a fortnight. Atala initially checked into a hotel at Porvorim and checked out of it in the first week of July and since then there is no trace of him.
Police acknowledged that Atala was missing when he failed to appear before the Crime Branch on 7th August and subsequently on 25th August issued look out notices for him which was obviously a step taken too late as by that time Atala had crossed the Indian border and was on his way back to his own country.
Besides having links with the police, Atala is also reported to be very close to Goa’s Home Minister Ravi Naik’s younger son Roy and this has fuelled sufficient heat in the State’s political corridors.
Goa Police who have been accused of going soft on the Atala case by firstly not presenting a strong case to challenge his bail application and subsequently by letting him disappear from the state will now face further flak given the fact that Atala is now found in Israel.


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