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Auda Indicts Fr. Newton In Her Deposition

Bailancho Ekvott President Auda Viegas deposed before the Judicial Magistrate First Class on Tuesday in the Ribandar Church matter that Fr. Newton Rodrigues had admitted to her on 16th August 2004 that he had indeed molested the minor girl.

She also revealed that the victim’s mother wept while narrating to her the incident when she had visited the family at their residence on 16th August.

The other witness Police Inspector Sunita Sawant admitted to having drafting the revision petition filed by her in the High Court following Advocate Aires Rodrigues’ acquittal in the case and during the hour long cross examination, admitted that that was the only revision application filed by her till date in her career.

She also revealed that she was acting on the orders of her superiors. However, as the cross examination could not be completed, it will now continue on 12th August.

It may be recalled that earlier the trial court and the Sessions Court had acquitted the accused in this particular case which was re-opened only after the revision application was filed before the High Court.

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