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Australian PM’s vehicle targeted with red paint by protesters over refugee rights

Sydney: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s vehicle has been splashed with red paint by refugee rights protesters who surrounded a university building he was visiting on Monday.

According to local media reports, roughly 50 protesters gathered outside the entrance of a building of the University of Queensland with Morrison inside, spraying red paint on the glass entrance and windows.

The protesters’ message was in opposition to Australia’s treatment of refugees, which involves extended periods of detention for those who arrive illegally.
Security personnel were forced to lockdown the building and escort Morrison out a back entrance, as the protesters continued to call for change.

The car which Morrison had been travelling in was also targeted and sprayed with red paint, forcing him to exit the area in a different vehicle.

Some of the signs being displayed by the protesters stated “free the refugees” and “indefinite detention is torture.”

Morrison said he was disappointed to see the protest taking place when he was visiting the campus to observe the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

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