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Average voter turnout of 29.19% recorded in first four hours of polling on 16 seats of Santhal Pargana


Ranchi, Dec 20 (GCCurrentAffairs) An average voter turnout of 29.19 percent has been recorded in the first four hours of the polls (till 1100hrs) on 16 seats of Santhal Pargana division where voting is currently on in the last and penultimate phase of elections in the state.

Among the constituencies Mahespur has recorded the maximum voter turnout of 38.40 percent while Jarmundi has recorded minimum voter turnout of 21.83 percent.

Constituency wise the polling percentage is as following Rajmahal 29.21 percent, Borio (ST) 28.62 percent, Barhet (ST) 27.39 percent, Littipada (ST) 36.08 percent, Pakur 35.19 percent, Maheshpur (ST) 38.40 percent, Shikaripada (ST) 30.21 percent, Nala 32.05 percent, Jamtara 33.07 percent, Dumka (ST) 25.10 percent, Jama (ST) 26.43 percent,  Jarmundi 21.83 percent, Sarath 32.30 percent, Poriyahaat 23.22 percent, Godda 24.68
percent and Mahgama 24.19 percent.

Polling on Borio, Barhet, Littipada, Maheshpur and Shikaripada will end at 1500hrs while on the remaining 11 seats will end at 1700hrs.

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