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Axe to fall on GPCC and AICC members for Goa debacle

While accepting the defeat in Goa as a people’s verdict, the All India Congress Committee president Sonia Gandhi has not taken the loss in Goa in particular very lightly. has learnt through high placed sources close to Gandhi that a meeting was held yesterday at 11 am in 10 Janpath in New Delhi, wherein both Central Election Screening Committee, head, Oscar Fernandes and Goa Desk-in-Charge Jagmeet Singh Brar were summoned and taken to task on the humiliating defeat of the Congress party.

An immediate report has been asked, which is why, General Secretary, Sudhakar Reddy has been sent to find out a constituency-wise detail on the failure of the selected candidates.

But what is not known to many is that the Congress president is in most likelihood to remove the Goa Desk-in-Charge Brar from his responsibilities in Goa.

Similarly, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee members’ in-charge too will be receiving the axe shortly; in particular the president, Subash Shirodkar and certain high-profile ministers who were part of the Congress party but responsible for the Congress debacle.

An internal inquiry by a team close to Gandhi has been appointed to look into the wheeling-dealing and misinformation being provided by both AICC and GPCC members in the run-up to the election. Also entire fund usage and distribution is also expected to come under the scanner.

Sources close to Gandhi also reveal that the fact that the Congress president allowed the AICC Goa in-charge leaders and GPCC seniors free hand, even though their internal intelligence told them otherwise to the decision on family raj and BJP defectors issue, because they provided strong assurances. Now it is being seen as a serious wheeling-dealing at the cost of the party performance and hold on the state.

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