Ayurvedic approach to life through AyuRiti is Now Live on Play Store


AI-powered healthcare startup HealthSignz has recently launched its Ayurveda-based App – AyuRiti. Wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga coming from age, blended with Artificial Intelligence algorithms has developed a platform providing the users with a Preventive, Curative and Management approach to their Health Challenges.

Our modern way of life has transferred the burden to lifestyle diseases – be it cancer, heart disease or diabetes contributing to nearly 70% of deaths. Modern medicine focuses on the treatment of symptoms and not the root cause. Ayurveda – the 5000-year old science of medicine which works on the principle of life and lifestyle i.e. root cause, imparts answers to these unattended challenges. AyuRiti, by bringing together the concepts of Ayurveda and Yoga, comes as a panacea to these ever-mounting challenges.

Dr. Vinod P Nair, Co-founder, HealthSignz said “With the advent of new-age Renaissance, the health quotient of an urban individual is reaching to a stage of serious threat, AyuRiti is an initiative through which we aim to curb this threat.”

AyuRiti uses sophisticated algorithms to evaluate a user’s daily habits and body functions to determine dosha imbalance. Personalised suggestions, basis dosha types, are provided to improve the lifestyle, which leads to balancing of doshas and brings the body back to its natural rhythm.

The app tracks your progress and recommends diet, exercise, personal care, and hygiene solutions. It understands your body type and mental state to recommend relevant Yoga asanas, Pranayama techniques, and mindfulness practices. Health solutions to an individual are as unique as individual oneself. AyuRiti customises all recommendations based on the unique body constitution and doshas.

AyuRiti plays the role of curator for biggest challenges Ayurveda face today – knowledge and awareness. To enable solutions for lifestyle transformation, AyuRiti sources certifiably authentic Ayurvedic health and personal care products from all over the country and provides original music collection for mental well-being. For every step the user takes in this journey, one is rewarded with points which can be redeemed to avail more benefits.

“AyuRiti is a landmark step in accordance with AYUSH ministry’s objective to revive Ayurveda. The fact that AyuRiti app has 3000+ organic downloads within a week of its launch is an indicator that people are searching for a holistic solution to their lifestyle challenges” said Surendranath, Co-founder, HealthSignz.

Ayuriti marks the beginning to a transformational journey of a healthy individual and a healthy India rooted to its rich ancient science. 


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