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Azgaonkar blames Catholic Bishop for Congress loss in Assembly

Former Sports Minister of the Congress-led government Manohar (Babu) Azgaonkar attacked and blamed the Catholic Church, priests and even the Bishop at the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee meeting  saying that the Church representatives worked against the Congress party and were responsible for most minority Goans voting for the BJP.

Strangely, most of the Christian members of the Congress party at the meeting preferred to remain mute spectators to the acquisitions of Babu Azgaonkar against the church with lone exception of the GPCC general secretary Altinho Gomes who questioned Azgaonkar’s allegations and Amey Panjekar, North District President, who asked Azgaonkar to refrain from making such allegations.

Making strong allegations that the Bishop worked against the Congress, Azgaonkar furiously expressed, “what wrong did we do to the Bishop, we have always obliged him and the Church, why, then did he chose to lend support to BJP, which is not even a secular party.”

However, what is disappointing about the incident as expressed by some members of the GPCC is that neither the President of GPCC nor any other senior leaders thought it was necessary to correct Azgaonkar’s rants and allegations against the Bishop.

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