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Baba is back to his Dhaba

Social Media last year introduced us to the ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ where an octogenarian Kanta Prasad was struggling to make his ends meet by preparing delicious meals at his Dhaba along with his wife. It was food vlogger Gaurav Vasan who took the hard work of the man to the world of the internet where it soon got trending. Kanta Prasad thereby made good money and opened a restaurant at Malviya Nagar, Delhi with it. However, soon he came back to his Dhaba raising concerns across the media world regarding him being drained off of all the wealth he earned from his work.


The man here has attracted a variety of emotions from the public for himself. After getting famous on the internet in 2020, Kanta Prasad filed a complaint against the food vlogger Gaurav that he only paid a part of the money earned while keeping the rest to himself. The vlogger later came out with a series of receipts saying that he transferred all the money to the elderly couple and this charge of fraudery against him is disturbing to him and his family. This whole incidence has divided the masses’ opinion with some believing the old man and his accusations while others seeing it as his arrogance and greed. However, some online influencers and YouTubers have also come forward saying that they were asked to help Kanta Prasad by transferring money to Gaurav’s account. The bank account details of the man weren’t given to the people.

Post this conundrum, Kanta Prasad opened a restaurant only to close it in few months. This invited a frenzy of articles based on fake news that the wealth of the man has dried up and he is back to square one. However, when contacted personally, Kanta Prasad said that he did this because he likes to work and also because the cost-benefit ratio of the restaurant wasn’t good. While he had to invest nearly a lakh in it monthly, he could make only about 30k-50k. This should put a full-stop on the speculations going on in this world of the internet about the man’s personal conditions.

Social media indeed has a great potential to be used to change the life of someone. However, it completely goes out of the hand of the person himself at times. The story about Kanta Prasad losing his money has been making rounds for months. It often becomes problematic especially when the person himself/herself isn’t active on the internet. Many people even went onto say that it was his arrogance that led him to this poverty again- the law of Karma. What many forget is this is how narratives are built in the media world.


As both the elderly couple and Gaurav have resorted to the help of the police authority in this conflict they had, people choosing their sides without knowing either of them personally isn’t much desirable as it could lead to the harassment of even the one who is innocent. And even if someone isn’t, do we really have the moral right to abuse someone on social media? Especially, in the case of the old man where he isn’t even there to reply. It is good that few other social media influencers and media houses went to talk to the man personally. People should now make peace with the fact that Kanta Prasad and his wife have kept the money donated and paid to them safely with themselves. The man isn’t back to square 1 and his cooking skills and hard work have paid him his part. Rest all is to be decided by the authorities and the people involved in the case by themselves. Let us respect the private space every individual deserves. Just because the world of the internet helped them, it doesn’t give it the right to interfere at every step of someone’s life. Let us make similar use of social media to help other people in need and not delve into the gossip about someone’s state without their permission.

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