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Baba Ramdev Arrested!

Yoga guru and anti-graft campaigner Baba Ramdev has been arrested during the march along with his supporters to the Parliament. Demanding that the UPA government bringing back the black money stashed in various tax havens. This morning senior leaders of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) – Nitin Gadkari of the BJP, Dr Subramanium Swamy of Janata Party, Sharad Yadav of JD (U) shared the dias with the yoga guru and trained their guns on the Congress-led government.

Crowds of Ramdev supporters were encouraged to join in the campaign to remove the Congress for their uncontrollable corruption. Delhi police stopped the agitators and arrested them. All agitators have been kept at a make shift jail at Ambedkar stadium.

Not willing to relent in his agitation Ramdev plans to remain in police custody till the government adheres to his demand. But the move to associate with NDA and venture into politics has raised the question whether the yoga guru is a BJP-NDA agent.


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