Babush Arrested with USD 250,000 in Cash at Mumbai Airport

In another shocking expose GoaChronicle.com has just learnt that early this morning Atanasio (Babush) Monserrate, Minister for Education, Government of Goa was arrested at the Mumbai International Airport while on his journey to Dubai. He was arrested at the immigration and security as it was found that he was carrying USD 250,000 in cash hidden in his suitcase, also another 30 lakhs cash was found in Indian rupees.

While it has not yet been established as to why the Minister would need that much cash in US dollars for his personal trip to Dubai as some sources in the government revealed; it clearly indicates that maybe Babush Monserrate could be laundering money as some of the ministers have been accused in the past to have been doing and still continue through appointed people that are sent  on foreign trips. In this case however, the money has been caught on the minister itself.
As laws stipulated for foreign travel and the government approved foreign currency that an Indian traveller can carry with them; a person can carry a maximum USD 10000 out of which USD 5000 has to be in form of travellers cheques.
The question  that arises is whether on account of being a Cabinet Minister in the Goa Government, did Babush try to use his diplomatic immunity to carry such money in his bags and didn’t expect to have the immigration authorities arrest him
Only recently, Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was arrested with Rs 60,00,000 worth in US dollars in his bags. He was arrested and thrown into prison. The question is whether Babush Monserrate will end up in the same state or will the Congress government continue to bail its tainted ministers in Goa.

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