Babush Claims Innocence, Vijai Sardessai emails ‘Sequence of Events’

GoaChronicle.com is in possession of a letter sent by Vijai Sardessai, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee secretary to email addresses (at this moment which cannot be verified) detailing the exact same defense that the Minister for Education, Government of Goa, Atanasio (Babush) Monserrate told  media persons on Monday afternoon.  Here are the details…
On April 4, 2011 at 16.42 pm an email was sent out from Vijai Sardessai email account “vijaisardesai@hotmail.com” to two email addresses and subsequently at 10.12 pm 11.17 pm, 11.18 pm and 11.31 pm to other email addresses. The email clearly details the strategy that Babush adopted when talking to the media for his briefing in the day.

The 17 points email letter titled ‘Sequence of Events’ talks about how Babush in his interview to media persons detailed the sequence of events that happened on the night of his arrest and subsequent release. 

Point 1: Talks about Babush going to Dubai to attend a personal function with his son Rohit Monserrate, Mario Fernandes and employee Nitin Nayak on April 2, 2011; it also says that he has moved a note to Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and Speaker Pratapsingh Rane informing of his intentions and probable absence from the proceedings of the legislative assembly on account of his travel plans to Dubai.
Point 2: Talks about Babush taking a flight from Mumbai to Dubai and travelling on Emirates Airlines.
Point 3: Here speaks about how Rs 1, 52,000 was meant to be paid towards some work towards his Bandra Turner Road flat which had to be paid to the builder for which he carried Rs 2, 50,000. After paying all dues, he had Rs 1, 16,000 with him. It also states that he does not have an ATM or Credit Card hence he is in the habit of carrying sufficient cash.
Point 4: Babush claims to have reached the airport two hours prior to schedule departure of the Emirates flight at 10.35 (here however, he never states the time, our sources indicate that it was the EK 509 in the night of April 1st and not 10.25 am in the morning as claimed by Babush in some media reports).
Point 5: On noticing that Nitin Nayak had not yet passed through immigration and security; he then made a call to Nitin on the cell and learnt that he was stopped by the Air Intelligence Unit of the Mumbai Customs and he was carrying Babush’s handbag.
Point 6: Babush then claims that his bag contained USD 25,000 in traveler cheques and 515 UAE dirhams and Rs 63,000 in cash.
Point 7: Travelers cheques were purchased from VKC Credit and Forex in May 2010 when on his travel to London. And the traveler cheques were not used.
Point 8: Dirhams 515 were present in his bag for a long time.
Point 9: He was then summoned by AIU of customs from security check and told them that the bag being carried by Nitin Nayak was his.
Point 10: Rohit Monserrate and Mario Fernandes proceeded on the Emirates flight to Dubai (no indicates of the money that could have travelled along with them) and Babush and Nitin Nayak were to catch the next flight to Dubai.
Point 11: He further claims that his decision to not travel resulted in his baggage being off-loaded; on checking these bags it was found that one of them contained Dirhams 75,000 in cash.
Point 12: The Dirhams 75,000 were purchased by Nitin Nayak from the market and Babush had Rs 53,000 in cash on him. (Nothing said about the Rs 1, 16,000 he claimed to have had on him before)
Point 13: Summarizing it Babush claims to be carrying USD 25,000 in traveler cheques, AED 75,515 and Rs 1, 16,000 in cash.

Points 14, 15, 16, 17: talks about the Customs authorities Panchnama and that the total value of the amount if Rs 22, 99,022 only. He also claims that he has not mis-used his office or any broken any government protocol.
While the above letter emailed by Vijai Sardessai to unknown addresses will be found out shortly; the important question is the initial claim of custom officers in Mumbai that he was found to be travelling with USD 250000 and Rs 30 lakhs, what happened post the call from a high ranking Congress cabinet minister from Delhi. Second what is Vijai Sardesai doing emailing the sequence of events to others trying to prove Babush’s innocence, is it the act of a party member, considering the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat still claims to know nothing about the entire sequence of events or an act of friend aware of the nefarious activity in play. Thirdly, is there a cover-up being put in place to put this serious incident under the carpet?

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