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Babush Claims No Wrongdoing

Goa’s Education Minister Babush Monserrate who was caught with excess foreign currency and detained at the Mumbai airport on early Saturday morning, arrived in Goa on Sunday after being released and claimed to have done nothing wrong saying that the money carried by his is all accounted for.
He admitted that he was carrying around Rs 22 lakhs in different currencies – 75,000 Dinars and Rs 63,000 in Indian currency, besides 25,000 US Dollars in travelers cheques.

He said that the travelers cheques were got by him last year when he was supposed to travel to London for a business trip and since he did not take the trip they remained with him, which he was carrying with him while travelling to Dubai on Saturday with his son and a friend.
He claimed not to have used the travelers cheques when he visited Russia and Japan nor did he encash them in India due to the fluctuating exchange rate.
For a frequent international traveler, Babush Monserrate claimed to have no knowledge of the limit laid down on carrying foreign currency while travelling abroad.
He said he will produce all the relevant documents to prove that all the money he was carrying is accounted for when he appears before the authorities on 8th April.
As for the Indian currency found on him, he said that the balance left with him after paying Rs 1.51 lakhs towards the maintenance of his flat in Mumbai.

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