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Babush Monseratte to topple Parrikar government in 30 days

Reacting strongly to what is being termed by the Congress as a Death of Democracy, St Cruz MLA Atanasio (Babush) Monseratte has declared openly that he would topple the Parrikar-government within the coming 30 days.

Whether this is an act of committed defiance or in a fit of anger, is not known. But, Monseratte appeared visibly irate over the sudden postponement of the CCP Elections, in which as orchestrated the Monseratte-led panel with Surendra Furtado as Mayor was expected to win the elections. However, the government last minute decision to postpone the election raised an eye-brow of the misuse of government machinery to subvert the election process.

While the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has stated that his government had planned to amend the law of the CCP act in the on-going Assembly session, therefore the current mayor Vaidehi Naik would continue till the elections are held; Congress leaders opine that since the Parrikar-led panel were about to lose in the Chief Minister’s own constituency, the government decided to manipulate the proceeding to their advantage.

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