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Babush To Place Customs Panchanama In House

Education Minister Babush Monserrate who is at the centre of a controversy for carrying excess currency while seeking to travel abroad, on Monday said he would place the panchanama prepared by the Customs officials in this case on the table of the House on Tuesday when the Goa Legislative Assembly meets.
The Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party has demanded that Babush be sacked from the council of ministers after he was detained by Customs officials on Saturday for carrying currency beyond the permissible limits while travelling to Dubai.

Dismissing reports about the amount of currency he was found to be carrying as figment of imaginations of fertile and dirty minds, he said the amount involved is Rs. 22,99,022 as per the Customs officials and added that he had purchased the foreign currency at a lower rate.
He asserted that he did not misuse his ministerial position claiming that he did not “throw his weight around” and reiterated that all the money can be accounted for thereby rubbishing claims that he was carrying ‘black money’.
He repeated that the USD 25,000 in travelers cheques were purchased by him in May last year for the trip he was scheduled to take to the UK with his family and added that they were purchased from VKC Credit and Forext Pvt. Ltd. through his company Raj Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
He said the 515 UAE Dirhams were in his possession for a long time and were lying in his bag.


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