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Babush, Vishwajit Accused Of Tampering With Records

Antonio Rosario, a 70-year-old businessman who has already filed a case before the High Court against Health Minister Vishwajit Rane has now complained to the North Goa Planning & Development Authority (NGPDA) that Vishwajit along with Education Minister Babush Monserrate have tampered with the original sub-division plan approved by the authority.
Antonio Rosario alleged that Vishwajit and Babush connived to delete the 3.20 mts access road marked in the original sub-division plan approved in 1987.

 While he accused Vishwajit of doing it to usurp land meant for public use as the road was adjacent to the property now purchased by him, Babush, he said acted as the constituted Attorney of the original owner.
He also alleged that the original owner’s signature has been forged and that the stamp of the NGPDA’s Member Secretary was super imposed.
The original owner Eslinda Pinto Souza’s son Oscar J D Souza has affirmed Antonio’s contention and stated that as per the original sub-division, an access road of 3.20 mts width was provided on the Southern boundary of the plot now purchased by Vishwajit.
Member Secretary of NGPDA said the matter was being looked into and added that a legal opinion has also been sought. Although he pointed out that the plans were old since they pertained to January 1987, the records will be available in the office, he said.

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