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Baina Tense After Illegality Stopped

Tension gripped Baina area of the port town of Vasco on Thursday after authorities rescued 26 bulls brought for slaughter and arrested 35 persons involved in this illegal activity. The animals were brought for slaughter in the wake of Eid-Il-Zuha more popularly known as Bhakri Id.
As the animals were slaughtered and in totally unhygienic and unsanitary conditions, which is totally in contravention of the laws and rules prevailing in the State, the authorities were forced to take action after locals and animal lovers lodged their complaints.

The perpetrators of the illegality had brazenly erected a pandal with compartments to carry out this heinous act of slaughtering the animals in the open.
According to Angela Kazi of the People for Animals, the Mormugao Municipal Council took a very lenient view of the incident and as it was not acting against it, she rushed to the Vasco Police station to lodge the complaint and the police swung into action. However, before the police could stop the activity, 87 animals were already butchered.
Every year, apparently, the day after bhakri Id animals are brought to Baina and slaughtered. The meat of each slaughtered animal is then taken by six to seven people who distribute it amongst the poor to commemorate Abraham sacrificing a lamb instead of his son as asked by God.
The only change in the methods adopted this year was that a pit was dug for the blood and other waste from the slaughtered animals to be dumped while in the past the blood was allowed to flow into the sea.
It is learnt that the civic authorities including the chief officer had unofficially allowed the butchers to carry on this act on condition that the waste was properly disposed.

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