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Bal Rath Maintenance Grants Delayed

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat’s much touted scheme of providing buses to schools to transport economically backward students to school is hit by delays in disbursing the maintenance grants.
Even though a month has passed since the new academic year commenced, many schools are yet to receive the grants for this scheme to pay salaries to the driver, attendant and also maintenance of the buses.
The delay has forced quite a number of school managements to raise the necessary funds to keep the buses plying.
Schools had submitted their requirements long back to the Education Department with a request that grants for five months be released so that the scheme could function smoothly. However, till date the department has not only not responded to this request, but failed to provide the grants for the month of June even.
It is learnt that the delay has been caused due to constitution of the new Department of Tribal Welfare as the scheme has now been transferred to the new department from the Social Welfare Department that used to manage it earlier.
The Department of Tribal Welfare has suggested that the government enable the schools to purchase the fuel on credit from the petrol pumps to ensure that the buses do not stop plying.

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