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Balli Violence Political: Tawadka

Member of Legislative Assembly Ramesh Tawadkar who was manhandled on 25th May said the ugly turn of events was politically motivated and exonerated the United Tribals Associations’ Alliance (UTAA) of any involvement in the violence that erupted that day.

In an interview to local media, he said the ruling Congress Party was unhappy that many of its workers had aligned with the UTAA which was formed primarily to get justice to the marginalized Scheduled Tribes population of the State.

Prominent Congress workers like Dhaku Madkaikar and Kanta Gawde had aligned with UTAA primarily because they felt that their party government was not doing enough for the community, he said while clarifying that though he belongs to the Bharatiya Janata Party, UTAA was above party politics.

While pointing out that the prime suspect in the Balli violence Deepak Faldessai was a known worker of the local MLA Babu Kavlekar who belongs to the Congress, Tawadkar implied that the violence was perpetuated to give UTAA a bad name.

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