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Ban on import of fish not in the interest of the people of Goa: AAP

The Aam Adami Party (AAP) in Goa on Wednesday said that ban on import of fish in the state was not in the interest of the people.

In a statement, AAP Goa General Secretary Pradeep Padgaonkar said import ban on fish announced by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar “in the interest of people of Goa” was nothing but a clear signal that the governance had collapsed in the state.

Stating that the ban was not in the interest of the people, he alleged that the Chief Minister had become clueless after facing the heat from the people and had found an easy way to get out of ‘formalin’ it had fallen into.

”AAP’s demand is that the CM should explain what he was “personally monitoring” when in reality no FDA (Food and Drug Administration) officials were on ground to enforce his so-called orders on 14/7/18 to inspect and seize trucks bringing fish with formalin. Why don’t you admit that you are no more able to govern the state Mr Parrikar?,” asked Padgaonkar.

”Was formalin found in the fish tested by FDA on 12/7/18 ? If not, why is the “interest of Goans” not protected? If yes, why were Goans misled all these days and exposed to further risk? Who is bringing the Government down to its knees such that the FDA Office has to be placed under police protection and no FDA inspectors dare to monitor the imported fish on a daily basis? After the ban is lifted, who will monitor which fish is imported and which is local, and how will Goans know the difference”, the AAP leader asked.


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